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Wait List Rules

League Disclaimer:

It becomes increasingly difficult from a league administrative perspective to add players once the registration process closes and zone combines and drafts are completed and once rosters and jersey orders are submitted.  

Even if there is a remote possibility that your child would like to participate in GridIron Football, you are better advised to register them prior to the deadline.  If for whatever reason you need to withdraw your registration, it is easier to collect a registration refund than it is to add a registration after the deadline.  Refer to Refund Policy.


  • "GridIron Wait List" is defined as those expressing an interest to register for GridIron Football or Cheer after the determined Registration deadline passes.  
  • An application added to the wait list does not guarantee you a roster spot on an active roster.  The only way to truly guarantee a spot on an active zone roster is to submit your application prior to the registration deadline.  See League Disclaimer!  
  • The addition of a wait list player will be at the discretion of the GridIron BoD and/or the affected Zone Coordinator.  Determinations are based on but not limited to the following criteria:

          a)  The need to add players to “make” a single team roster or multiple team

               rosters at any one division after the close of registration.  

          b)  To fill an active roster spot vacated by a registered player for whatever


  • All wait list applications are prioritized by the date and time once it is submitted through the League's Wait List Registration System, which will be actived at midnight on the last day of registration.  This order will be maintained by our Sports Illustrated Play Registration System.   If it becomes necessary to add players from the wait list, it will be done so based on the order in which they are received.
  • To protect the fairness of this process and the integrity of the GridIron League, the BoD, Zone Coordinators and/or Head Coaches may not select the player(s) they want from the wait list.  The League Administrator should be consulted upon the addition of any player to make sure the proper wait list order is followed.  


IN SHORT, It is the Zone Coordinator and/or Head Coach's privilege to add players after registration closes within the League's Bylaws. However, the League Administrator will inform that Zone Coordinator and/or Head Coach which wait list applicant is next in line.

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