Gridiron Summer 2020: 7 on 7 League

Feb 5, 2020 2:59 PM
Ryan Currie

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7 on 7 is much like backyard football.  It is a passing only game and defensively requires only 1 hand touch anywhere to down the receiver.  Basically, 5 players go out on pass routes against 7 defenders.  The center is not an eligible receiver and the QB must pass the ball downfield within 5 seconds or the play is dead.  The game is played on 45 yard fields with a first down every 15 yards.  The game is sometimes referred to as “basketball on grass” because of the fast paced, high scoring nature of the game.  All players love 7 on 7 because of the similarity to backyard football.  It doesn’t matter what position you play in tackle football, every player will get to go out on pass routes and handle the ball in 7 on 7.

Alignment With Middle and High Schools

Gridiron works closely with FBISD and LCISD to ensure alignment of our league’s goals with the local high school/middle school teams and booster clubs.  Gridiron Football Summer 7 on 7 will help to further that goal by forming teams with kids zoned to the same middle schools, so the incoming 7th graders and 8th graders will have an opportunity to play with their future teammates prior to the Fall.

Registration for the Summer 2020 Season is now open!  

Current 6th Graders (Entering 7th Grade Next Year)
Current 7th Graders (Entering 8th Grade Next Year)

Regular Registration Period:  February 1st through May 31st
Late Registration Period:  June 1st through June 10th

Regular Registration:  $150
Late Registration:  $160

Primary contact for all Gridiron Zones:

Ryan Currie – Phone: 609.462.8888 – Email: [email protected]

Jon Zurek – Phone: 346.410.9772 – Email: [email protected]

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